b. 1990


2013 MFA Brigham Young University
2008 BA Whitworth University


2017 --- Member, Tropical Contemporary
2013 --- Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT. 

Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions

2018 - "Dead Loss" with Lillian Almeida, Eugene Contemporary Art.
2018 - "Ecotone" with Laura King, Tropical Contemporary, Eugene, OR.
2016 - "Nature Beyond Landscape", Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT.
2015 - "Collect/Compress" Solo show, Granary Art Center, Ephraim, UT.
2012 - "The End of All Learning" MFA Thesis show, B.F. Larsen Gallery
2012 - "The Holy City", B.F. Larsen Gallery, Provo, UT.
2012 - "Votive 001" Smartspace show, Gallery 303, Provo, UT.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 - "LBCC Faculty Show", Cannon Gallery, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR.
2018 - "Desire Lines", Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, SLC, UT.
2017 - "Sitka Invitational", World Forestry Center, Portland, OR.
2017 - "Sacred Spaces", Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT. 
2017 - "Underbelly", Tropical Contemporary, Eugene, OR. 
2016 - "Back to the Garden", Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA.
2016 - "Geo Necro", ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA. 
2015 - "HORRORSHOW: Fear and the Abject", Gallery Gallery, Provo, UT.
2015 - "Proximity", Gallery 286, Provo, UT.
2014 - “29th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah", Springville Museum, Springville, UT. Invitational. 
2014 - “Utah Ties” CUAC, Salt Lake City, UT. Juried by Adam Gildar.
2013 - "Below: UMOCA Artists in Residence", Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT.
2013 - "Utah Biennial: MONDO UTAH" Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT.
2013 - "35x35" young Utah artists, Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT.
2011-2012 "Global Echo: International Artists in Print"

  • Williamson Art Gallery, Slatey Rd, Birkenhead, UK
  • Spectrum Project Space at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
  • Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • PR1 Gallery, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

2011 - "Manulua Book Art Project", Wirral Metropolitan College, Wirral, UK
2010 - "New Work" Solo show, The Lincoln Center, Spokane, WA.
2010 - "Area 3200" with BYU Graduate Students, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT.
2010 - "2010 CVG Show", Collective Visions Gallery. Bremerton, WA. Juried.
2009 - "New Work" with Gordon Wilson, Tinman Gallery, Spokane, WA.
2008 - “War on Want” Spokane Falls Community College. Benefit.
2008 - “Hard Nox” Group Exhibition, Whitworth University.
2008 - “Celebrating Women”, Idaho State University. Juried, National.
2008 - “Raw Space 2008”, Spokane Art School, Spokane, WA
2007 - “Nox” Group Exhibition, Whitworth University.


Work Experience & Residencies

University-level teaching experience: Drawing Fund., Painting Fund., 2D Design, Watercolor, Adv. Drawing, Adv. Painting, Graduate Theory Readings

2017 --- Part-Time Faculty, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, OR
2017 --- Member and Programming Coordinator, Tropical Contemporary, Eugene, OR
2015 --- Graphic Designer, PA Distribution, Eugene, OR

2016 - 2017 Artist-in-Residence, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Otis, OR
2015 - Visiting Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
2013 - 2014 Adjunct Faculty, Studio Arts - Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
2013 - 2014 Teaching Artist, Alianza Academy charter school ( 1st-8th grade ), Salt Lake City, UT
2013 - 2014 Artist-in-Residence, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT
2013 - Assistant to David Thorpe, Meyer Riegger, Berlin
2010 - 2013 Instructor, Intro to Art & Drawing, BYU - Utah and London campuses
2012 - Design, Branding, Social Media Marketing for Book on Tape Worm
2010 - Bookbinding workshop/collaboration, Leimatu'a, Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
2010 - DARCI Artificial Creativity/ Intelligence Collaborative Project. BYU.
2008 - 2009 Teaching Assistant to Gordon Wilson, Whitworth University
2008 - Curatorial Internship, Northwest Museum of Art and Culture
2008 - Loop Press Printing Assistant to Ruben Trejo
2007 - 2008 Whitworth Printmaking Teaching Assistant
2007 - 2008 Whitworth Artists’ Guild Co-chair
2006 - Loop Press Printing Assistant to José Parlá



2017 - Linn-Benton Community College Permanent Collection. One mezzotint.
2012 - Origin/Destination exchange with the University of Hawaii Manoa
2011 - Global Echo print exchange- One print in the permanent collections of:
2011 - Wirral Metropolitan College, UK
2011 - Liverpool JMU, UK
2011 - Brigham Young University, Utah, USA,
2011 - Sheffield Hallam University, UK
2011 - Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
2011 - Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan
2011 - Parsons School of Design, the University of New York, USA
2011 - Kwantlen Polytechnic & University, B.C. Canada
2011 - University of Central Lancashire, UK
2010 - Whitworth University Permanent Collection. Fifteen monotypes.

Synthetic thought-systems work to organize experience into a manageable understanding of the world. These systems gather information differently- science seeks an ontological understanding through objective information-gathering, for example, while a spiritual, religious, or intuitive system depends entirely on phenomenological/experiential evidence. At their core, these are both highly structured frameworks used to create meaning from perceptions- both working under the premise that truth is both existent and attainable within the context of their system. The separation between fact and experience is viewed as necessary in the knowledge/ experience-gathering process, but when that information is accumulated neither system has the ability to access or communicate truth in its entirety. I believe that art has the ability to melt duality and create objects embodying these incommunicable or blended knowledges. This makes it an ideal medium in which to explore the relationship between personal (phenomenological) and scientific (empirical/ontological) learning, while using the methods of these systems to make objects which record the outcome of using the system itself. 

This starting point has unfolded into many interconnected bodies of work. In "Compressions", I simulate the failure of a desire to make three-dimensional organisms readable, conveyable, archivable- in other words, for the thing to become a document and for the organizing power of ordered thought to make that document readable. In “Typologies”, I document, study, and create models of religious spaces, seeking to draw connections between bodies, landscapes, and power-systems within the architectures of different faiths. In “Swarms” I paint or film masses of organisms behaving as a single group, exhibiting behaviors outside the ability of the individual organism- effectively erasing the individual and placing it within a network of incommunicable collective knowledge. In "Investigations" I experiment with ideas of personal knowledge and its limitations, personal ritual and its idiosyncrasies.